High frequency chargers also know as smart battery chargers for industrial batteries are so efficient an light because power handling electronic components are continuously switching "on" and "off" with high frequency (from 50Khz to several MHz) resulting in a smaller transformer and higher efficency in the energy transformation.

There are many diferences between Conventional Chargers and High Frequency Battery Chargers. renobat gives you an overview about both of them so you can better choose what to buy next.

For many years devices have been used pulse, additives, special to recover batteries and all the battery industry has rejected. The scientific evidence for battery regeneration / desulfation have always overruled these systems.

A battery is nothing more than a component that stores electricity to provide it when required. These components have experienced a great evolution from the 90s thanks to their use in mobile and portable computing. This trend will continue unstoppable, probably due to the transportation industry, primarily the automobile.